“Let your life lightly dance on the edges of time like dew on the tip of a leaf.” 

Rabindranath Tagore 

Rising at the break of dawn, every droplet of the morning dew marshalling out of the air that surrounds us exudes magic with every cascade through the grass blades. Surreally tangling itself with every surface of  life, forming a core that has the potential to nourish every inch of our world. Each of these precious pearls,  dancing with the winds, metaphorically preaching to understand, encompass and live the life we are  bestowed with, telling us to engulf in all the moments we experience with the passing of time.

Just as unique and full of wonder as every dewdrop, we  owe it to life to explore opportunities that are distinctive  and truly mesmerizing. As every unique experience has a  story to tell, every adornment that celebrates these  experiences should have the charm that resonates with  you deeply. And to complement your individuality, just like  these precious pearls, Four Buttons brings Ōs, a regal line  of ethnic wear for women who are remarkable in their style  and their preferences. Each garment has been designed to  be a story within itself, curated with plush fabrics, aesthetic  designs, surreal patterns and overall, giving it a look that  speaks to every beauty who wears it. 


We believe that for any product we offer, quality is  indispensable. It is essential to engage the right  people and interest our clients, to create perfect  experiences and get the desired results.


We aim at creating wonders and think without any  constraints to envision and achieve what we really  want. We inspire with originality and freshness,  something that not only amplifies the talent  around us but also every design we create.