Tips‌ ‌To‌ ‌Style‌ ‌Traditional‌ ‌Kurtis‌ ‌As‌ ‌Per‌ ‌ Body‌ ‌Type‌

Tips‌ ‌To‌ ‌Style‌ ‌Traditional‌ ‌Kurtis‌ ‌As‌ ‌Per‌ ‌ Body‌ ‌Type‌

Tips‌ ‌To‌ ‌Style‌ ‌Traditional‌ ‌Kurtis‌ ‌As‌ ‌Per‌ ‌ Body‌ ‌Type‌

We all love to look attractive and gorgeous, don't we? Well, most women strive to look gorgeous at all times but at times we get confused regarding what type of clothing would suit our exact body shape. As you know, fashion trends are frequently changing and every now and then a completely new trend is coming to being. Every woman loves to look appealing with these new fashion trends. However, in order to look pretty, first and foremost, you will have to understand your body shape and learn to appreciate it. 

Wearing clothes that go well with your body shape is especially important when you are trying to carry off ethnic fashion. This is because when you wear traditional clothes that match with your body shape, your features are further enhanced and you tend to look really gorgeous. Well, finding the exact clothing for your body shape is quite tricky. So, we are here to talk about the fashion tips for different body shapes and the type of kurtis that will go well with that exact body type.

What is your body shape?

There are five main types of body shapes and these are hourglass body shape, rectangle body shape, pear body shape, apple body shape and inverted triangle body shape.

So, you must choose your kurti depending on your style type. You should find out what kind of clothing will flatter your body type the most. However, deciding between different styles types, cuts, lengths and colours isn't something really easy. So, we are here with a quick guideline regarding which traditional kurti is appropriate for which body shape.

Hourglass body shape: The hourglass body shape is considered to be the perfect body type, isn't it? Well, everyone around us wishes to have an hourglass body type and if you are already blessed with such a body type, then you must consider yourself to be really lucky as you will be able to look good in almost all types of kurtis. This body type has got a defined structure right from the top to the button. So, you should try to go for fitted kurtis that are not really loose. This will help you to flatter your well defined body. You can also choose to go for Indo-western kurtis with pants or palazzos. You may also add accessories like belts and jewelleries to further enhance your look.

Rectangle body shape: Women having rectangle body shape have a straight shoulder line, a medium tummy and of properly defined waistline. They can get themselves kurtis with wide and deep necklines. You can also try to create an illusion with drawstrings and belts. Along with this style, you can choose anarkalis and gowns for yourself. This is going to show your curves in a beautiful way. You can pair your kurtis with well fitted leggings or straight salwars. You may also try the Indo-Western look and give yourself a stylish look. You can choose to go for dresses having abstract  prints. Sleeveless kurtis will also look good on you as they will allow you to show your arms. Try to avoid wearing loose fitting kurtis as they will hide your curves and features.

Pear body shape: Most Indian women have this body type. This is the most common body type among women of all ages. So, if you have a pear body shape, then you have a smaller upper body and a broader lower body. In such a case  you can choose to go for printed kurtis in light shades. You can pair them up with bottom wear having dark colours. Anarkalis can make you really look really good. You can also mix and match different types of kurtis like wearing kurtis with a waistcoat and jackets. This can give you a nice contemporary look. You can select a neckline like square, boat neck, collar pattern, etc. You can also wear long casual kurtis to add length to your body type. You should try to avoid wearing short kurtis as they will make your upper body look even shorter.

Inverted triangle body shape: The inverted triangle body shape has a broad shoulder line. The top seems to be larger than the bottom half. This type of body shape isn't really common but women having an inverted triangle body shape can look really good in kurtis. You can try long straight kurtis having a deep neckline. You may also get short kurtis for yourself with layered bottoms like patiala, skirts and dhoti pants. Straight kurtis with stylish leggings will also make you look good. You may even try traditional kurti designs to give you a really smart look. You mainly accessorise your look in whichever way you want to and you should look good. Avoid wearing kurtis having a broad neckline as it is going to draw attention to your upper body type.

Apple body shape: Women having an oval or apple body shape mostly have rounded shoulders and roundness around the middle body section. They also have strong and thin legs. So, if you have this kind of body type, then you should always go for kurtis having dark shades like red, green and blue. You can also add different types of accessories to your kurtis like belts and drawstrings. This will give the appearance of a curvy waist. You can also choose to go for short kurtis or A-line kurtis. Basic patterns also work really well for women having apple body shape. You can pair your kurtis with jeans, leggings or straight pants and you are really going to look good. You can also try wearing kurtis with a cuff of flared sleeves. This will add a touch of glamour to your personality. You can also opt for Indo-western style.

And this is how you can pick the right type of kurtis according to your body type. Now that you know what kind of kurtis you should wear, and with what type of bottoms you should pair it up with, you might search for that exact kind of kurtis. Well, search no more because Os Clothing can help you. We have a wide range of collections and types of kurtis, kurta sets, ethnic dresses, ethnic bottom wear and much more. You can also give our website a visit and pick the perfect kurtis for yourself