The Fabrics You Need To Relish Monsoon Weddings

The Fabrics You Need To Relish Monsoon Weddings

The Fabrics You Need To Relish Monsoon Weddings

Have you been invited to a wedding in the coming days? 

Are you excited to attend a monsoon wedding? 

The vibe of monsoon weddings is different altogether. 

But wait! 

Do you know which fabrics are best for a monsoon wedding? 

If you want to enjoy monsoon weddings then you need to wear comfortable clothes. No, we are not saying you should wear pajamas to the wedding. Any wedding guest outfit that you choose for yourself can be super comfortable if you choose the right fabric. 

Yes, fabric plays a very important role when it comes to selecting clothes for monsoon weddings. 

In this blog we are going to tell you the fabrics that are best to wear to a monsoon wedding. Along with the fabrics we are also going to recommend our top picks from Os Clothing’s awesome ethnic wear collection

So, let’s get started. 

  1. Cotton

Cotton had to be the first fabric because we all are aware of how awesome this fabric is, right? Be it any season, cotton is the best fabric match for you if you want to stay comfortable.
  1. Chanderi

Chanderi fabric is light and airy and that is why we are recommending it for a monsoon wedding. Also, this fabric has the sheen that is necessary for wedding functions. 

Our Top pick from Os Clothing - 

  1. Silk

Silk is the next best fabric for monsoon weddings because of its lightweight nature. And even if you somehow manage to get a little wet in the rain, it will dry quickly. 
  1. Crepe 

Just like silk, crepe dries up in a jiffy, and that is the biggest advantage with clothes in this fabric. Who would like to attend a function in uncomfortable wet clothes, right? 

These were our top recommendations for fabrics to choose for a monsoon wedding. Os Clothing has a wide variety of collections that cover different fabrics. Choose ethnic wear from Os Clothing and ace all the weddings that you attend.