What is a better way of surviving the never ending summer heat than to beat it with cool summer trends that are going to rule the ethnic closets this season.

Take a look at our top five favourite ethnic summer trends that will help you replace those outdated ethnic fads and make room for some peppy and beautiful ensembles that will stand out in the crowd.

  • Blush hues 

Radiating a soft, airy and light vibe, this hue tops the chart of ethnic trends for the summer season. Perfect for the bright days, style this silhouette with metallic accessories and add a sworn-worthy touch to your look.

  • One-piece ethnics

Either make your festive looks more functional and fashionable or give your ethnic closet a contemporary makeover, this new trending one-piece ethnics will give you a bold yet subtle addition to your wardrobe.

  • Threaded Treasures

Adding a whimsical look to the ethnic ensemble, thread embroideries are a perfect way. Revamp your summers with beautiful surface ornamentation and give your ethnics a complete makeover.

  • Go floral 

Be it bold prints or intricate patterns, go floral for your next family function. Take your pick, try the beautiful floral collection from Ōs summer spring collection and be the trend this summer.

  • Festive cuts

Give your ethnic wardrobe a chic makeover with contemporary ethnics and playful cuts. Traditional style and voguish drape are this summer’s go-to ensemble. 

Go on! Shop these and just turn your existing closet into a must-have summer ethnic closet and rule all the soirées with your fashionable presence.