Valentine’s Day is almost here! Celebrating this day that praises love isn’t inherently a piece of the Indian culture but it has become a part of our lives. After Amitabh Bachchan notched a quick tune at a V-day party in the film Baghban, this day has taken the extravagance of senior residents as well! Consistently, we see an expanding number of couples from all age-gatherings and varying social statuses, gorgeously dressed to intrigue their Valentine. Regardless of whether it’s about you or your Valentine, Indian ethnic outfits make for some extraordinary picks Here are some wonderful outfits that will make this day really extraordinary.

Indian Ethnic Outfits for Valentine’s Day

Wine Delight

Double layered Cotton Maroon Dress with Jacket

Quiet moments during a candlelight dinner, gazing into one another’s eyes, dancing to romantic music-most of the couples love spending their evening this way. This romantic double-layered cotton dress and the weaving-checked jacket is perfect for a quiet romantic dinner night.

Candy Crush

Straight Viscose Silk Pink Kurta and Jacket with Cotton Pink Pants

Pink is the color of innocence, bloom, and new love. If you’re going on your first date this Valentine’s Day, then choose a pink Kurta set to match that adorable blush on your pretty face. This digital printed viscose silk jacket and weaving cotton paired with pink pants are perfect for a first date.

Maroon Tales

Straight Silk Maroon Kurta with Cotton Beige Pants

A red rose is inseparable from adoration and what could be superior to sprucing up like one! This current Valentine’s Day, resuscitate recollections of that first red rose second and commend your day most impractically. Shades of red make intense, alluring, and enamoring outfits and never disappoint. Pick a straight maroon kurta and pair it up with straight beige pants and embrace the charm of timeless embroidery this Valentine’s.