Mother's Day Gifting Guide

Mother's Day Gifting Guide

Mother's Day Gifting Guide

A woman's road to becoming a mother is not just 9 months long, but also includes emotional and physical changes. A mother's relationship with her child lasts an additional 9 months before the child has other relationships in the world. Make your mother feel special on Mother's Day by gifting her some memories that you've valued during the years of your growing up.

Let us transport you back to your precious childhood days, when hanging your mother's clothes while she did the housework was your only source of entertainment and solace.

Clothes have always occupied a large part of my memories. Does your mother still have the first clothes you wore when you were a baby? 

Do you ever see a piece of clothing and instantly remember your mother because she used to wear the same designs, colours, or types of clothes when you were a child? We do too! 

This Mother’s Day, let’s revive that vibe-

  1. Bandhani Kurta Set - We're sure every mother has at least one bandhani suit or saree. Doesn’t the sight of any bandhani cloth instantly remind us of her and the good old simpler days? Gift your mom this bandhani kurta set that is made in the new trending style but your emotions will purely be reminiscent of the days where she was your only friend, guardian, and chill-buddy. 
  2. Maroon Kurta Set - We don’t know about you but whenever we used to ask our moms her favourite colour, she used to say maroon. And so, maroon is ingrained in our minds to be a colour associated with our moms. Gift her this maroon kurta set and let her dress up in her favourite colour again. 
  3. Green Kurta Set - This is no other green but the green for which your mother has a very particular name - The pista colour. Yes, this is the iconic pista colour that every mom loves. Bring a smile to her face by gifting her favourite colour and relive your childhood memories again this Mother’s Day. 
  4. Digital Print Kurta Set - Now enough of memories. If your mother is a cool mother and doesn’t let you get emotional even on these emotional and warming days, then gift her something that would take her a little out of her comfort zone. Yes embroidery is every mother’s favourite but make her wear a digital print kurta this time and make new memories that you can cherish for a long time to come. 
  5. Floral Kurta Set - Moms are the purest and that is why she always wants everybody else to look good and she herself always looks very simple. Only on certain occasions you might have seen your mom wear bright and loud colours. But its high time this practice changes. Gift your mom this floral print kurta st and make her feel happy from the inside while you click a million pictures of her in this set. 

This mother’s day, shower the love on your mom that you’ve always received from her. Pamper her, take care of her, and let her know that your love for her knows no bounds. 

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