Colours of summer 2021

Colours of summer 2021

Colours of summer 2021

Summers are here and you should be ready to flaunt all your style in this season. You may not be able to wear a lot of your favourite colours in winters but summers demand all your colourful outfits to come out of your wardrobe and prettify your beauty and enhance your inner personality. The summers of 2021 may not be so happening due to despair all around due to the pandemic, but you sure can light up the candle of hope by dressing up well. The fashion industry has been flourishing even in these times and has played a big role in giving people happiness as new trends keep coming up for every season and people follow these trends religiously. One such trend that changes constantly according to the seasons is of the “Colours”. Some colors could be seen trending now and by the time you got to know of it, lo and behold, it is out of fashion. Well, we cannot do anything about this constantly changing nature of the fashion industry but we sure can help you keep pace with the latest fashion so that you always are on-trend, no matter what.

So, here are the latest colours of summer 2021 that you must know of, to keep your fashion game strong - 

Pastel Green -

Green is an ‘evergreen’ colour but the fashion industry never fails to bring in the freshness by revamping the classics. One such classic is the green colour and it is delightful to see how it has been transformed to suit the changing times. The pistachio green colour is the new colour that has been turning spotlights towards itself. This colour surely reminds us of the green pastures we once used to trod. Nonetheless, the freshness this colour will give you in summers would take you back to those good old days. Os Clothing’s Paradise Viscose Rayon Green Kurta Set is one outfit we are looking forward to because of its colour. The very trendy green colour, when comes in the comfort of a kurta set, becomes irresistible. The Viscose Rayon material of the kurta is also ideal to wear on hot summer days.

Cinnamon Pink -

Here comes another pink shade to be added to the list of pinks for all the girly girls. The fashion curators have yet again devised a new colour in the colour palette and it is only reasonable to think that it is the colour of the season. Pink can never go out of fashion thanks to all the girls who uphold its supremacy above all the other colours. With the coming of new colours in the fashion industry, plus they being a trend in the whole wide world, it becomes an ideal time to add another colour to your wardrobe. People may back out in following all the latest trends because it is a fact that as quickly as a trend comes, it vanishes even more quickly. But to follow a colour trend of the family of pink is the safest game you can play as pinks will always be trending no matter what. Os Clothing launched Cinnamon Pink Kurta With White Pants in its latest summer collection. The classic combination of pink and white makes it even more appropriate for summers. You can never go wrong with this classic combination in the most comfortable Rayon kurta set.

Grey -

Grey being one of the trending colours of this season is the biggest surprise. Trends can really elevate you to a position to rule and grey is truly ruling the industry right now. It has finally made a comeback after a long time and it does not seem to go out of trend anytime soon. To all those who said grey is a gloomy colour, are themselves trying it out in various garments. People hardly preferred grey in even the night suits but today it is leading a multi-million industry forward. We give credit to the versatile nature of grey for its rising popularity. Simple to style, yet chic in looks, is what is driving people crazy for it. Lying somewhere between white and black in the colour palette, it is an ideal colour to be worn even in summers as we have already been wearing it in winters. Os Clothing’s Grey Denim Kurta is our pick for you to look groovy. 

Dark Green - 

Dark green is being associated with royalty and it is most evident why. Only a rich colour such as green can make waves when modified to such a dark shade. Dark green has made its impact on ethnic as well as wedding outfits. A lot of people today prefer to wear this colour in at least one of the wedding ceremonies. And not just in Indian ethnic wear but this colour is accepted worldwide and is being accepted in a lot of western outfits as well. This colour is easy to style with a lot of other colours. A dark shade of green can be styled for both casual as well as professional purposes. Dark green color has been in the Indian roots and now that it has finally got the limelight it deserved, then what is stopping you to try it? Os Clothing’s Envy Foil Print Silk Kurta Set is our top recommendation as it comes in silk fabric, which is an expensive look and feels fabric which when dyed in such a royal colour as dark green screams royalty, of course with the advantage of you being in trend all the while. 

Amber Orange -

Orange can undoubtedly be called the oldest friend of summer. The orange tinge in which the sky paints itself both at dawn and dusk is the proof of the closest association of orange with summer. How beautiful does the sky look and we too chase a sunrise or sunset to witness this beauty at least once in a lifetime. Orange simplifies strength, beauty and radiance. Imagine how beautiful you would look wearing orange in the summer. The ambre orange shade of orange is a beautiful colour that is located midway between yellow and orange in the colour wheel. This colour would surely become your favourite in no time. This colour compliments the Indian skin tones so perfectly that anyone can try it. Os collection brings you the amber orange colour in its Amber Bandhani Print Chanderi Silk Kurta Set. The bandhani work makes the kurta set even more interesting and fresh. 

Sky Blue - 

What can one say to convince someone to try out this trending colour. Actually, we don't even need to convince anybody because hardly anybody would not like a vibrant colour such as sky blue. How fresh would you look dressed up in a sky blue outfit on a hot summer day when the sky would be painted in the same colour. Summers can be harsh on some days. The mercury rising to as high as 48 degrees can be difficult to handle. Hence, summer demands outfits that are light in colour that does not trap excessive heat and keeps the ideal body temperature intact.. And therefore, sky blue tops the list of best summer colors. The  Cotton Slub Sky Blue Kurta from Os clothing checks off all the boxes for an ideal piece of clothing. It comes in cotton which is hands down the best material to be worn in summer. 

 Multicolor -

Multicolor is the best colour. Why? Because you can look colourful as a rainbow but in style. Often girls have a tough time deciding which colour to wear on some days. For all those days when you can not a finger on a single colour, you can go for a multicolor garment. The advantage of wearing a multicolour garment is that it is sufficient in itself. You won’t need to add colours to your outfits additionally to bring the entire look together. Another advantage is that the multicolor garments can be paired up with any basic colour such as white or black if at all it needs accompaniment. Os Clothing’s  Cotton Weaving Multicolored Stripes Straight Fit Regular Kurti makes us go heart-eyed for it. This kurta is cotton, which deserves extra points. Apart from this, this kurta attracts all the attention to the upper part of your body, which makes you show off your curves and make people go crazy for your style.

Rust -

Rust has slowly, over the years, paved its way towards being the top favourite colour of the critics. Rust has a very earthy feeling to it and is widely being used in a lot of Indian outfits. The advantage that this colour presents is that it can easily be represented in traditional Indian outfits by making minor changes and by playing with the texture and the print of the cloth. But surprisingly, rust is also being used in a lot of western outfits. A lot of high-end brands are slowly gravitating towards this distant cousin of orange. While this colour is still on its way to be the topmost pick of the fashionistas, you can still try it when this colour is slowly growing.  Os clothing has launched this colour in Straight Viscose Silk Rust Kurta With Silk Pants. People are already showing loads of love to this rust kurta set. Try your hands on this colour before it makes a sensation in the fashion industry fully.

Red -

Red is the colour of love and passion and everything feminine. The colour instantly elevates even a dull outfit to an outfit worth doing a ramp walk in. For the days when you are unable to decide what to wear, throw on a red kurta and own the world like a queen. The safest colour to play with has always been in fashion and it is hard to ever be replaced. The love for red that women have is impeccable. Like nobody knows since when and by whom was rose declared as the queen of flowers, red colour can safely be called as the master colour. The A-Line Cotton Red White Kurta With Cotton Pants is red, is in cotton material, is paired with a beautiful shade of red pants and is from Os Clothing, perfection, isn't it?

Muted Gold -

History repeats itself was only a phrase until gold made a comeback in the fashion trends of 2021. But it came back in the muted gold tone that people are really eyeing to make a part of their closets. Expensive as it looks, this colour has the power to make you go from ten to a hundred and ten on the scale of chicness. Os clothing has brought this beautiful colour in its Printed Silk Golden Anarkali With Digital Printed Silk Pants. This kurta set is our top pick in this colour. The colours used in this compliments each other very well. This entire look is so curated that it oozes out elegance and ultimate sophistication. As far as this colour and style of the kurta set is concerned, we guarantee that you are sorted for your next traditional ceremony or party as nothing can surpass this look.

Colours do play an important role in your life. They decide your vibe and give you the confidence you need in your life according to the different occasions. The colour combination can either make or break the fashion game for you. And the colour combination is the only reason because of which the whole fashion industry is running till now and flourishing. 

These were the top colours of Summer 2021 that are also our favourite. But we definitely would want to hear your thoughts on the trending colours of this season.

  1. Tell us what you think about our above mentioned suggestions?
  2. How religiously do you follow the colour trends?
  3. What is your favourite trending colour right now?

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