Celebrate the festival of Teej with the shades of Os

Celebrate the festival of Teej with the shades of Os

Celebrate the festival of Teej with the shades of Os

Kajari Teej is a traditional festival celebrated three days after Rakshabandhan. Married women fast for their husband's health and well-being, while unmarried women fast in hopes of finding a good husband in the future.

Married women receive Shringara gifts from their in-laws, including traditional clothing, bangles, henna, sindoor, sweets, and many more. They dress up in shades of green, red & yellow to celebrate it with their families for a long and healthy life for their husbands.

When it comes to Teej, you need to step up your ethnic-clothing game and dress gorgeously like a ‘Dulhan’.

So here are some lovely Teej dress suggestions because your wardrobe is incomplete without a mesmerising outfit from Os. 

  1. Cotton Fabric - Due to the hot and humid conditions, muslin cotton outfits are one of the best options for the perfect teej outfit. Choose any colour of your choice! From green, yellow or red, kurta sets with dupattas from our cotton ethnic kurtis & kurta sets will rule your heart and mind with their design, quality, and comfort.
  2. Statement Pieces To Stand Out - These days, statement sleeves with laces and tucks are fashionable and make you stand out amongst the horde of traditional outfits during teej.
  3. Vibrant Colours - Pick fashionable hues like lime, pink, or green from our regular ethnic wear and special festive ethnic wear collections. They have vibrant, upbeat tones for a colourful addition to your teej outfit.
  4. Classic Looks - Teej is a traditional festival that can be celebrated in a classic Indian look, comprising of kurta sets with an added touch of embroidery work, pearl karigari, gotta patti details, and sequin highlights with embroidered clothing. You can never go wrong with these iconic traditional Indian outfits for teej!

Additionally, we Indians don’t miss an opportunity to dress up, do we? If you are looking for outfit inspiration, then we have some teej festival outfits. Explore teej outfit ideas curated by Os Clothing

But Teej is much more than just dressing up. Every colour of the outfits worn by the women has a deeper meaning behind them. Check out the different colours you can adorn on Teej and the meaning behind them.

The colour Green symbolises dedication. According to experts, the colour green is associated with good fortune. It is nature's colour and is preferred by a lot of women during the ongoing festival of Teej.

The colour Yellow symbolises happiness, warmth, and sunshine as it has bright and shiny characteristics that reflect the sun.

The colour Red symbolises a range of different emotions in life, like war, love, courage, anger, and religious passion.

The Mustard colour symbolises the creativity and diversity of a person with a perspective.

But, other than this, you can wear any colour dress as per your choice. Your intentions matter, not your attire! Wear what you like.

Some unique and elegant options for you!